Monday, June 6, 2016

Starting this blog today

I'm starting a new blog today because I have a variety of thoughts and ideas that I want to compose and communicate but I don't have a forum in which to do it. These can be thoughts on almost any topic: politics, finance, personal relationships, and my own internal conflicts.

In the near term I hope to write about:

  • A political perspective
  • Modern Portfolio Theory for Individual Investors
  • Purpose-Driven Portfolios
  • Business idea: ShakeTails
  • Scooters and scooter culture
  • Alcohol as entertainment
Of course I will not restrict myself to these topics, but I will try to use this as a tool to articulate these ideas and build on them, a sort of online notebook. It's more of a diary for my own use than a communication to the public, but I'm happy to make it public.

As I use it as a personal notebook, I expect to go back to the posts and edit them a lot, but we'll see how that goes. 

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